A high performance product offering flexible configuration in 1, 2 and 3 storey arrangement in standalone and linked layouts. The range incorporates office, store, toilet, canteen, drying room, welfare unit, shower and sleeper specification products supported by a number of complementary ancillary items such as staircases, effluent tanks and linkways

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Please note that store units and any derivatives which include store doors cannot be stacked on each other and cannot be used in any three storey configuration.
All units are available in a range of standard sizes covering 8', 9', 10' and 12' widths with lengths from 4' to 40'. The product layouts, specification and external colour schemes are entirely configurable and a wide range of alternative or additional options are available to suit your exact requirement.
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The entire product range and all ancillary items are fully supported by formal structural calculations.
Alsim is committed to the continuous improvement and development of our product range to the ultimate long term benefit of our customers and product specification is therefore subject to change.

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This innovative door has been conceived and designed to combine security, flexibility and practicality in one package. The robust door is formed from a 2mm external steel skin welded to an internal 1.2mm skin. Anti-jemmy protection is provided down the closing edge, top and bottom of the door with welded escutcheon plates for additional security against drill attack. Stainless steel lift-off hinges have been incorporated into the standard design in order to allow the door to be removed quickly and easily when required. The pioneering magnetic door retaining system is used for day time closing whilst a pair of suited 5 lever deadlocks have been fitted for secure locking. The deadlocks and anti-jemmy bolts close into the pre-formed 3mm mild steel door frame and combine to provide an advanced locking system. The door frame also incorporates a high performance rubber door seal for draught exclusion and additional protection against the weather. The door is fitted externally with a round steel door handle, designed to reduce the possibility of use in an external attack on the locked door, and internally with a welded pressed steel handle.

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