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Alsim is committed to the supply of a high quality product on time, every time in order to consistently meet the expectations of our customers.

Our Quality System is designed to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of every process, from the receipt of a customer enquiry through product design and manufacture to completion, delivery after care service. The system quickly identifies any weakness in our process controls and provides a vehicle for generating improvement.

To achieve our objective we hold regular management review meetings that ensure the effectiveness of our policies and systems. We believe that the way forward is to find the root cause of an issue, review the procedure, implement changes for improvement and communicate these revisions effectively to our people.

To assist in the improvement process and ensure consistent quality standards are met, we employ a dedicated team of experienced Quality Inspectors who perform staged inspections throughout the manufacturing process. Their task is to stop and rectify any faults at source, promoting quality awareness throughout our production facility and to play an active role in the development of our systems.

In addition to the above, we invest heavily in Research and Development in order to ensure the continuous improvement of our existing product range and the introduction of innovative new concepts for the benefit of our diverse customer base.
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