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Alsim is committed to the continuous improvement and development of our product ranges and manufacturing processes to the ultimate long term benefit of our customers.

The Company invested heavily in this area of the business with the appointment of a dedicated R & D Manager over 4 years ago and has continued with this approach as the scope of department has been extended.

We work to develop innovative new concepts whilst maintaining the features and service which have helped us to become a leader in the secure accommodation market place.

The latest computer aided design technology is employed to improve the current ranges and allow the investigation of new technologies and materials to design our next generation of products. New ideas and designs are modelled, developed, prototyped and extensively tested at our manufacturing facility.

Our detailed evaluation process ensures that all aspects of new products, components and materials are thoroughly examined from quality and aesthetic considerations to durability and long term availability.

These developments are driven by a combination of our internal product improvement map; customer consultation and suggestion; the introduction of new materials by our supply partners; and the constant analysis of fault frequency and impact on both finished product and work in progress.

We always welcome input from both our valued customers and also potential new clients. If you have a suggestion to make for either a product or service enhancement, please use the adjacent link.
A commitment to the ongoing development of our product range and manufacturing process for the benefit of our customers
Your ideas for the enhancement of our product or service
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