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All Alsim products are designed to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and are manufactured with care by a dedicated team of craftsmen using high quality materials and advanced production techniques.
Maintenance can take the form of planned preventative actions or reactive work associated with the repair or replacement of items damaged or worn out in use.

Planned Preventative Maintenance
As with all assets, correct usage in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and a program of regular maintenance will ensure that the product continues to function correctly, meets your ongoing requirements and maximises your return on investment.
As noted in the following entries, all finishes and components should be regularly checked and any damage should be suitably repaired. Failure to identify and properly repair damage to any area of the item may cause danger and will impact on the long term performance of the product and the ultimate useful life.
The following items are for guidance purposes only and the frequency of inspections and associate maintenance programs and service works should be adjusted in cases of unusual or heavy use and where the location or operating environment presents excessive challenges to the product.
External Finish
Subject to the regular inspection routine outlined above, we would also recommend that the entire product is re-painted every two years.

The external finish should be regularly checked for scratches or damage of any sort. The area around any such scratches or damage should be thoroughly cleaned prior to the application of touch-up paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to identify and properly repair damage to the external finish of the unit or modular section will impact on the long term performance of the product and the ultimate useful life.

The external paint finish should be periodically cleaned using a solution of domestic detergent suitably diluted with clean water. The external paint finish should not be cleaned with high pressure water or steam cleaning equipment.

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