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The following standard variations are available in this unit range although we can accommodate a multitude of other layout and configuration requirements.
Click on the required variation to view the relevant standard drawings and you then have the option to select the associate content, weight or dimensional information as well.
An attractive canteen product range combining functionality, security and usability in one package.

The standard features of the product can be flexibly enhanced with a range of optional items to suit a multitude of applications.
•   Low Maintenance Finish
The Alsim unit range features attractive, low maintenance products throughout which are designed to maximise the flexibility and usability of the product whilst minimising the costs of ownership.
•   Comfortable Operating Environment
The extended ceiling height across the entire Alsim standard range helps to create a comfortable and spacious operating environment.
•   Flexible Layout Options
All units are available in a range of standard sizes covering 8', 9', 10' and 12' widths with lengths from 4' to 40'. The product layouts, specification and external colour schemes are entirely configurable and a wide range of alternative or additional options are available to suit your exact requirement.
•   Eco Specification Options
The Eco range offers you the opportunity to benefit from the substantial environmental developments and whole life cost savings introduced within this innovative specification whilst still enjoying the market leading levels of product quality, flexibility and customer service for which Alsim is famous.
•   Furniture and Servery Options
Factory fitted tables and seating are available in a number of sizes and styles to suit all requirements and budgets. Servery options are also available with integrated lockable roller shutters to suit your accommodation needs.
•   Advanced Specification
The usability of the product can be extended with the optional fitment of hot water boilers, wall units, cooker points, and water feeds for a dishwasher.
•   High Quality Secure Accommodation Unit
The product can be used as a simple standalone solution to an accommodation or storage requirement or can very easily be combined with other Alsim products to produce a linked complex in 1, 2 or 3 storey format to ensure full utilisation of a particular site area or where space is at a premium.
•   Profiled or Flat External Appearance
The unit range can be provided in profiled or flat panel external finish which can be completed in an external colour scheme of your choice in order to successfully combine security with appearance in this market leading product range.

•   1, 2 and 3 Storey Configuration
The product is designed to work in a multi-storey format. The flexibility and inter-changeability of the product means that additional units or entire stories can be simply and cost effectively added, taken away or re-arranged to suit needs, staffing levels or configuration requirements.

Please note that store units and any derivatives which include store doors cannot be stacked on each other and cannot be used in any three storey configuration.

•   Size Options
All units are available in a range of standard sizes covering 8', 9', 10' and 12' widths with lengths from 4' to 40' ensuring that a suitable size is available to meet all accommodation needs.

•   Innovative Security Design
The range has been designed to combine security, flexibility and practicality in one complementary package. Our innovative approach to the design and manufacture of the Personnel Door, Window Shutter and Store Door has allowed robust construction, advanced locking systems and aesthetic considerations to be successfully integrated within these individual elements.

•   Simple Linking System
Using our revolutionary and yet strikingly simple linking method, the entire range can be quickly linked together to form a complex of any size, subject only to the initial fitment of the relevant link parts at time of manufacture. The dismantling process is equally straightforward and the units can be re-assembled in a different order or connected to other Alsim units as site requirements change.

Links are fully interchangeable and are available in a variety of sizes with and without doors to provide additional flexibility of configuration.

•   Wide Ranging Applications
Our range includes a wide range of basic product types such as office, store, toilet, canteen, drying room, welfare unit, shower and sleeper specification products supported by a number of complementary ancillary items such as staircases, effluent tanks and linkways. These standard layouts can of course be amended or combined with another type to suit specific requirements and thus provide an accommodation solution to meet every situation.
•   Standard or Eco Specification
The standard specification of all products in the Unit Range can be enhanced to provide a number of Eco specification options which can be finely tuned to the exact requirements of the client, project and site location.
•   Product Range Compatibility
The system can also be connected to products from the Alsim modular range using our standard close coupled linking assemblies in order to maximise configuration options and offer enhanced flexibility.

•   Cost effective
The advanced design features of the range ensure that it is simple and cost effective to install, dismantle and re-use. Existing units can be re-assembled in different formats and combined with new products allowing efficient utilisation and improved return on investment.
•   Working Environment
The design features, extended ceiling height and use of high quality materials throughout the range combine to give an attractive accommodation solution and a productive working environment.
•   Return on Investment
Our unique combination of product quality, service and support with prices that will surprise you, ensure that you will make an excellent return on your investment.
•   Structural Calculations
As you would expect from a well respected manufacturer, the entire range and all ancillary items are fully supported by formal structural calculations ensuring that you can have complete confidence in your purchases during your relationship with Alsim.
Alsim recognises the diverse nature of client requirements in relation to Eco specification products. Therefore, we have tailored our approach to this area by offering a shopping list of Eco innovations, building on the original unit and modular range specifications, which can be selected individually or as a whole in order to reach the desired result in terms of specification, performance and budget.

Choose to include a single energy or water saving feature in a particular area or opt to upgrade the entire specification including the key thermal performance areas with associate improvements in ‘U’ value and running costs.

The expandable sections below provide details of these Eco innovations together with information on the key features of the standard unit and modular product ranges to which they can be added.
•   Insulation & 'U' Values
Insulation materials and levels have been enhanced in all areas to meet the standards required by the current building regulations and thus produce an overall improvement in ‘U’ value of over 48% compared to a standard specification product.

Specific improvement details by area are as follows:

% Improvement in ‘U’ value

•   Double Glazed PVCu Windows
Double glazed PVCu windows produce significant improvements in insulation and performance over the standard single glazed sliding items of 64% in terms of ‘U’ value.

•   Motion Sensor Lighting Control
Motion sensor lighting control means that lights are only switched on when an area is in use and there is insufficient natural light. This innovation puts an immediate end to the wasteful practice of lighting left on 24 hours a day seven days a week and in turn offers the possibility of electrical savings of over 93%.

•   Advanced Heating System
Timer and thermostatically controlled heating systems mean that heating levels are controlled as required during times of need and switched off outside of work hours to avoid the possibility of wastefully heating unoccupied buildings. These advancements offer savings in usage of over 90%.

•   Recyclable Materials
Recyclable materials are used extensively in our product range meaning that upto 90% by value of the product can be recycled at the end of the unit’s life.
•   Sustainable Materials
All timber materials used within the product are from sustainable sources and we aim to utilise materials from recycled sources whenever possible. At present over 25% of our product by value originates from sustainable or recycled sources.
•   Eco Logo
All eco products include prominent external signage to demonstrate their superior specification and eco friendly credentials.
   Range of Product Installation Procedures Updated and Extended
   12' Wide Unit Completes Comprehensive Range
   Steps and Landings Expand Staircase Range
   Phase 1 Extension of Component Division
   Staircase Range to be Manufactured Internally by Component Division
   Alsim introduces an innovative New Personnel door.
   Alsim introduces a revolutionary new window shutter.
   Standard fitment of fork tunnels
   Standard fitment of re-settable water heater
   New linking system
   Corner stacking system
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Unit Range Eco Range Modular Range Unit Range Eco Range

Environmentally friendly secure steel accommodation

A revolutionary modular system offering flexible secure accommodation solutions in 1, 2 and 3 storey arrangement in both standard and Eco specification.

A group of products designed to complement and enhance the performance and flexibility of this range.

Effluent Tank
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