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The following standard variations are available in this unit range although we can accommodate a multitude of other layout and configuration requirements.
Click on the required variation to view the relevant standard drawings and you then have the option to select the associate content, weight or dimensional information as well.
An attractive range of toilets combining functionality, security and usability in one package.

The standard features of the product can be flexibly enhanced with a range of optional items to suit a multitude of applications.
•   Hard Wearing Operating Environment
The Alsim unit range features attractive, low maintenance products throughout which are designed to maximise the flexibility and usability of the product whilst minimising the costs of ownership.
•   Flexible Layout Options
All units are available in a range of standard sizes covering 8', 9', 10' and 12' widths with lengths from 4' to 40'. The product layouts, specification and external colour schemes are entirely configurable and a wide range of alternative or additional options are available to suit your exact requirement.
•   Eco Specification Options
The Eco range offers you the opportunity to benefit from the substantial environmental developments and whole life cost savings introduced within this innovative specification whilst still enjoying the market leading levels of product quality, flexibility and customer service for which Alsim is famous.
•   Disabled Toilet Facilities
Full disabled toilet suites can be specified including suitable alarm systems.
•   Sanitaryware Options
When required the standard vitreous china sanitaryware can be upgraded to vandal resistant stainless steel models
•   Advanced Specification
Baby changing facilities, hand cleansing stations and electric hand dryers can all be incorporated in our products at time of manufacture

The standard oversink storage water heaters can be upgraded to more flexible undersink models
•   Insulation & 'U' Values
Insulation materials and levels have been enhanced in all areas to meet the standards required by the current building regulations and thus produce an overall improvement in ‘U’ value of over 48% compared to a standard specification product.

Specific improvement details by area are as follows:

% Improvement in ‘U’ value

•   Double Glazed PVCu Windows
Double glazed PVCu windows produce significant improvements in insulation and performance over the standard single glazed sliding items of 64% in terms of ‘U’ value.

•   Motion Sensor Lighting Control
Motion sensor lighting control means that lights are only switched on when an area is in use and there is insufficient natural light. This innovation puts an immediate end to the wasteful practice of lighting left on 24 hours a day seven days a week and in turn offers the possibility of electrical savings of over 93%.

•   Advanced Heating System
Timer and thermostatically controlled heating systems mean that heating levels are controlled as required during times of need and switched off outside of work hours to avoid the possibility of wastefully heating unoccupied buildings. These advancements offer savings in usage of over 90%.

•   Non-Concussive Taps
Non-concussive taps to all wash hand basins ensure that the water cannot be left running unnecessarily for long periods. A running tap can quickly waste a considerable amount of both water and energy. Non-concussive taps close the flow of water automatically within a preset period, reducing water consumption and cost and offering potential water usage savings in excess of 99%.

•   Dual Flush Toilets
Dual flush toilets provide the user with an option of a full or part flush which offers the chance to make considerable savings in water usage of over 42% in comparison with single flush models.
•   Waterless and Timed Flow Urinals
Waterless urinals do not require connection to the water system and therefore offer substantial savings in water usage.

Timed flow valves on urinals mean that water is only used to flush the urinal when required. This advancement avoids water usage when toilets are not in use during the day or outside of operational hours.

•   Recyclable Materials
Recyclable materials are used extensively in our product range meaning that upto 90% by value of the product can be recycled at the end of the unit’s life.
•   Sustainable Materials
All timber materials used within the product are from sustainable sources and we aim to utilise materials from recycled sources whenever possible. At present over 25% of our product by value originates from sustainable or recycled sources.
•   Eco Logo
All eco products include prominent external signage to demonstrate their superior specification and eco friendly credentials.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Saving
  • Reduced Running Costs
  • Whole Life Cost Savings
  • Highly Recyclable
  • Raw Materials from Sustainable and Recycled Sources
  • Available on standard product types in both the unit and modular ranges
  • Positive Cost/Benefit Ratio
Unit Range Eco Range Modular Range Unit Range Eco Range

Innovative secure steel accommodation unit

A revolutionary modular system offering flexible secure accommodation solutions in 1, 2 and 3 storey arrangement in both standard and Eco specification.

A group of products designed to complement and enhance the performance and flexibility of this range.

Effluent Tank
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