A high performance product offering flexible configuration in 1, 2 and 3 storey arrangement in standalone and linked layouts. The range incorporates office, store, toilet, canteen, drying room, welfare unit, shower and sleeper specification products supported by a number of complementary ancillary items such as staircases, effluent tanks and linkways

The drawing should be read in conjuction with the current version of the drawing legend.

Please note that store units and any derivatives which include store doors cannot be stacked on each other and cannot be used in any three storey configuration.
All units are available in a range of standard sizes covering 8', 9', 10' and 12' widths with lengths from 4' to 40'. The product layouts, specification and external colour schemes are entirely configurable and a wide range of alternative or additional options are available to suit your exact requirement.
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Range of Product Installation Procedures Updated and Extended
Our existing range of product installation procedures has been updated and extended as part of Alsim's commitment to continuous product and process improvement.

All existing customers will receive updates of the relevant documents which are also available from the procedure section of the website.

Click here to go to the Procedure Section
12' Wide Unit Completes Comprehensive Range
We are pleased to announce the addition of 12' wide units to all product types within our unit range. We are one of the few manufacturers to provide this option and as you would expect from Alsim the product is fully supported by comprehensive structural calculations.

The increased width of this new product creates a dramatically different internal atmosphere and a much enhanced working environment. Why not download the introductory PDF below for further images of this exciting development. The product is available now and standard drawings, layout, content, weight and dimensional information are available in the relevant sections of the site.

This new extension of our existing product range was designed, tested and developed by our R & D department as part of our program of continuous product and process improvement.

Download 12' Wide Unit Introduction
New store door locking system
Applicable from 24/11/06
Introduction of an innovative new store door locking system to offer enhanced security and ease of use.

Please see our Store Door section for further details and images.
Standard fitment of fork tunnels
Applicable from 24/11/06
Standard fitment of fork tunnels to make the loading, off-loading and movement processes safer, simpler and more efficient.

Please see our Procedures section for further details and the approved usage method.
Corner stacking system
Applicable from 1/1/03
Our corner stacking systems allow the straightforward creation of 2 and 3 storey complexes.
The siting and stacking of our entire product range is completed on the corners of the unit via a positive location system. This avoids the costs, difficulties and inherent dangers associated with the use of jacklegs.
All product types can be double stacked without modification and Alsim can supply a range of alternative staircase and landing options to suit all configurations.
Three storey stacking is also possible on all units except stores subject only to the bolting down of the ground floor and connection of the upper stories due to wind load considerations.
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