A revolutionary modular system offering flexible secure accommodation solutions in 1, 2 and 3 storey arrangement.

The internal layout and specification can be designed to meet the needs of a multitude of applications including office, meeting room, storage, toilet, kitchen, canteen, drying room, changing area, shower and sleeper facilities in addition to providing the option of entirely flexible clear open plan areas without the drawbacks or restrictions of internal columns except on the largest product in the range – the 40’ x 10’ section.
The Ground Floor product type outlined in this specification is only for use in a single storey configuration or as the ground floor only in a multi-storey configuration. The complementary Universal product type, detailed in the adjacent tab, is designed for use in single or multi-storey configuration in any position.
The high performance range is available in 24’ x 10’, 32’ x 10’ and 40’ x 10’ modular sections which can be configured in a variety of formats using both side by side and end to end connections to produce a complex of unlimited size and virtually any shape to meet a wide variety of accommodation requirements.
       View each aspect of the specification using the tabs below or download the PDF for full details.

The entire product range and all ancillary items are fully supported by formal structural calculations.
Alsim is committed to the continuous improvement and development of our product range to the ultimate long term benefit of our customers and product specification is therefore subject to change.

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The basic building frame is formed from heavy gauge mild steel sections, each fully welded to each other in order to form a rigid framework into which the floor, wall and roof panels, doors and windows are fitted.

The side and end base structure is formed from 300mm x 90mm x 4mm thick rolled steel channel sections, which are fully welded into the 100mm x 100mm x 6mm corner posts. The 100mm x 50mm x 3mm floor joists are welded inside the base structure at 406mm centres to form the floor frame. 100mm x 50mm x 3mm rectangular hollow section transport beams are fitted to the underside of the floor structure in order to offer increased flexibility when the product is in transit. The corner posts support the side and end top structure which is formed from 180mm x 75mm x 6mm thick parallel flange channel sections. The 100mm x 50mm x 1.6mm roof joists are welded inside the top structure at 625mm centres to complete the roof frame. The wall and roof panels are fitted into this fully welded structure to complete the external skin.

The four corner posts are fitted with lifting points at the top to allow the simple lifting of the section by a suitable crane. The lifting points also act as locating devices to the four corners of the stacked section in the floor above in multi-storey configurations. The floor side beam is fitted with fork pockets to allow lifting and movement of the section by a suitable fork truck and combined lashing and lifting points which act as anchor points when the section is being transported and as alternative low level lifting points for the crane.

The structure has an overall external height excluding the lifting points of 3.030m and an internal ceiling height of 2.400m.

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