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Information Dimensions Weights
Drawing Ref: 1-10-1008-00001
Size: 10' x 8' Office
(3.0m x 2.44m)
Length : 2750 mm
Width : 2195 mm
Height : 2300 mm
Length : 3000 mm
Width : 2440 mm
Height : 2700 mm
Unladen : 1650 kg
Max. Laden : 2575 kg
Max Lift : 2575 kg

External Steel Door : 1
Staircase Bracket : 1
Fluorescent Lighting, 1500mm : 1
Double Switched Socket Outlet : 1
Notice Board : 1
External Window & Shutter : 1
Distribution Board : 1
Light Switch : 1
Convector Heater, 2kW : 1
Hat & Coat Hooks : 4

Ancillary Items
Effluent Tank

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