The table below shows the weight data for each standard size of the Toilet type. Other aspects of this product type can be explored using the tabs above.
If you wish to view weight data for a variation of this type, please use the links to the right.
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1-30-1009-0000110' x 9' Toilet (2)3.0m x 2.7m182528752875
1-35-1209-0000112' x 9' Toilet (2+1)3.66m x 2.7m227535253525
1-30-1209-0000112' x 9' Toilet (3)3.66m x 2.7m215034503450
1-35-1209-0000212' x 9' Toilet (2+1) (ECO)3.66m x 2.7m215034503450
1-35-1609-0000116' x 9' Toilet (3+1) v14.88m x 2.7m265044254425
1-35-1609-0000216' x 9' Toilet (3+1) v24.88m x 2.7m275045004500
1-35-1609-0000316' x 9' Toilet (3+1) (ECO)4.88m x 2.7m275045004500
1-30-1609-0000116' x 9' Toilet (4)4.88m x 2.7m252543504350
1-35-2009-0000120' x 9' Toilet (4+1)6.25m x 2.7m315055255525
1-30-2009-0000120' x 9' Toilet (5)6.25m x 2.7m305054505450
1-35-2409-0000124' x 9' Toilet (5+1)7.32m x 2.7m362564006400
1-30-2409-0000124' x 9' Toilet (6)7.32m x 2.7m345062756275
1-35-3210-0000132' x 10' Toilet (6+1)9.76m x 2.7m462589758000
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