Eco Options

Our Eco Options provide a wide range of alternatives to upgrade the performance of the product, reduce costs and meet market demands for environmental responsibility.

Occupancy Controlled Lighting

Occupancy controlled lighting means that lights are only switched on when an area is in use and there is insufficient natural light. This innovation puts an immediate end to the wasteful practice of lighting left on 24 hours a day seven days a week and in turn offers the possibility of substantial energy savings.

Advanced Heating Control

Timer and thermostatically controlled heating systems mean that heating levels are controlled as required during times of need and switched off outside of working hours to avoid the possibility of wastefully heating unoccupied buildings.

Enhanced Insulation

Insulation materials can be enhanced in all areas of the building to produce a substantial improvement in ‘U’ values together with associated cost savings.

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows help to create an enhanced working environment and can lead to significant cost savings.

Non-Concussive Taps

Non-concussive taps close the flow of water automatically within a pre-set time period, ensuring that they are not left running unnecessarily for long periods.

Waterless & Timed Flow Urinals

Waterless urinals do not require connection to the water system and therefore offer substantial savings in water usage.

Timed flow valves on urinals mean that water is only used to flush the urinal when required. This advancement avoids water usage when toilet facilities are not in use during the day or outside of operational hours.

Recyclable & Sustainable Materials

Recyclable materials are used extensively in our product range meaning that the majority of the product can be recycled at the end of the unit’s life. All timber materials used within the product are from sustainable sources and we aim to utilise materials from recycled sources whenever possible.

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