A revolutionary modular system offering flexible secure accommodation solutions in 1, 2 and 3 storey arrangement.

Why Choose A Modular Building from Alsim?

A new look at secure modular accommodation

Designed and built to perform

Cost effective solutions to meet a wide variety of requirements

Innovative designs to meet your needs

A new look at secure modular accommodation

Cost effective solutions to meet a wide variety of requirements

Designed and built to perform

Innovative designs to meet your needs


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    UK Manufacturer

    When you deal with Alsim, you are working with the product manufacturer. All items are designed and built with pride and precision at our production facility in Hull by our experienced and skilled team.

  • Size Options

    The range is available in 24’ x 10’, 32’ x 10’ and 40’ x 10’ sections which can be configured in a variety of formats using both side by side and end to end linking to produce a complex of unlimited size and virtually any shape to meet a wide variety of accommodation requirements.

  • Flexible Layouts

    The internal layout and specification can be designed and configured to meet the needs of a multitude of applications in addition to providing the option of entirely flexible clear open plan areas. The system can also be connected to products from the Alsim unit range using our standard close coupled linking assemblies in order to maximise layout options and offer enhanced flexibility.

  • External Appearance

    Our modular product is provided in a flat panel external finish combining security with an attractive appearance suitable for all locations and applications.

  • External Colour Schemes

    The product can be specified in an external colour of your choice or upgraded to a bespoke colour scheme combination to follow your corporate branding or to suit a particular situation.

  • Innovative Security Design

    The range has been designed to combine security, flexibility and practicality in one complementary package. Our innovative approach to the design and manufacture of the Personnel Door and Window Shutter has allowed robust construction, advanced locking systems and aesthetic considerations to be successfully integrated within these individual elements.

  • Cost Effective

    The advanced design features of the range ensure that it is simple and cost effective to install, dismantle and re-use. Existing sections can be re-assembled in different formats and combined with new products allowing efficient utilisation and improved return on investment.

  • Detailed Specification

    Click here for detailed product specifications.

Ancillary Items

Staircase flight and landing assemblies to suit a variety of product configurations, including central positions, with a simple connection system. The designs offer interchangeable arrangements allowing use in left and right hand flight positions and to suit the varying requirements of your site.

An attractive and functional solution to the requirement to internally connect multiple floors in a stacked complex, especially for our modular range. A variety of options are available to suit all building arrangements and configurations including half landings and a choice of handrail materials and finishes.

This unique linking systems allow the simple and cost effective creation of a complex of any size in 1, 2 and 3 storey formats. The system allows our entire product range to be linked together subject only to the initial fitment of the required parts at the time of manufacture. The links themselves are interchangeable and available in a variety of sizes with and without external doors to provide additional flexibility of configuration.

Maintain the condition and performance of your product with original replacement spare parts and materials. We are able to despatch items quickly and efficiently to your premises or site, and even arrange for a member of our team to complete the actual repair work if required.


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