Procedure for the Connection of Stacked Units in a Three Storey Configuration

Table of Contents

Preparation Notes

  • This document should be read in conjunction with the appropriate standard installation procedures for single and double stacked steel units via crane or HIAB and any other relevant procedural documents.
  • This procedure applies to all standard design units fitted with connecting top and base plates. Units manufactured prior to October 2007 will require the use of a retro-fit connection pack which is available separately.
  • This procedure requires a minimum of two suitably qualified and competent personnel at all times.
  • The installation team should ensure that they are fully conversant with all aspects of this procedure and the detailed installation diagrams overleaf prior to the commencement of work.
  • The installation team should ensure that safe handling techniques are adopted at all times.
  • Alsim System Building Limited will not be held responsible for any incident, accident or injury, resulting from the installation of a linkway, as described herein.

Suggested Basic Safety Equipment

Suggested Basic Safety Equipment

  1. Safety Boots
  2. High Visibility Clothing
  3. Hard Hat
  4. Protective Gloves suited to this application
  5. Safety Eyewear
  6. Fall Arrest Equipment

Tools & Equipment Required

Tools & Equipment Required

  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)
  • Socket Set to suit fixings listed below
  • Appropriate heavy duty drill and drill bit

Parts Check List

  1. M20 x 40mm BZP Setscrew, item 1 (x4)
  2. M20 BZP Full Nut, item 2 (x4)
  3. M20 50mm x 50mm x 3mm Square Plate Washer, item 3 (x8)
  4. M24 x 260mm Throughbolt, item 4 (x4)

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Install the units as outlined in the relevant procedure.

  2. Ensure that the units to be connected are properly positioned and levelled in order to align the base & top plate slots (Figure 1) of all stories prior to commencing the fixing down and connection processes.

  3. A MEWP should be used to reach the connection point at each corner of the other two stories due to the height of the three storey complex. It must only be operated by a suitably trained and certified person.

  4. At each connection point insert an M20 setscrew (item 1) and M20 square washer (item 2) through the slotted base plate of the upper unit and slotted top plate of the lower unit. Complete the connection using a second square plate washer (Item 2) and M20 full nut (Item 3) fitted from the underside of the slotted top plate of the lower unit. See Figure 2 for connection assembly.

  5. Tighten the connection as appropriate. See Figure 3 for Complete Assembly.

  6. Repeat this process for all corners.

  7. Additional anchor fixings to secure the bottom unit to the foundations are also required. Using an appropriate heavy duty drill, a hole is required in the foundations to suit an M24x260mm Throughbolt (item 4), through the slot in the base plate.

  8. Insert M24x260mm Throughbolt (item 4) into the pre-drilled hole (see Figure 4) and tighten the connection as appropriate.

  9. Repeat this process for all ground base plates.


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