Standard Unit Specification

For Store Product Type Only

2024 Model Year, 1.0


A high performance product offering flexible configuration in 1 and 2 storey arrangement in standalone and linked layouts. Please note that store units and any derivatives which include store doors cannot be stacked on each other and cannot be used in any three storey configuration. The store unit is accompanied by an extensive range of other units including office, toilet, canteen, drying room, welfare unit, shower and sleeper specification products (please see separate specification sheet for details) supported by a number of complementary ancillary items such as staircases, effluent tanks and linkways.

All units are available with either a profiled or flat panel external finish and in a range of standard sizes covering 8′, 9′, 10′ and 12′ widths with lengths from 4′ to 40′. The product layouts, specification and external colour schemes are entirely configurable and a wide range of alternative or additional options are available to suit your exact requirement. Please view our website at or contact our sales team directly on 01482 372525 for further information.

The entire product range and all ancillary items are fully supported by formal structural calculations

Table of Contents

Product Development

Alsim is committed to the continuous improvement and development of our product range to the ultimate long term benefit of our customers and product specification is therefore subject to change.


The basic building frame is formed from heavy gauge mild steel sections, each fully welded to form a rigid framework into which the wall panels, doors and windows are fitted.

The base rail is a 3mm thick ‘z’ section, which is fully welded into the corner posts. The floor joists are welded inside the base rail at 406mm centres on all products up to 10’ in width to form the floor frame. On 12’ wide units the floor joists are fixed at 203mm centres. The corner posts support the 50mm x 10mm flat bar which runs around the top of the wall panels to form a rigid section onto which the roof panels are fitted. Reinforcing sections are welded inside the flat bar both across the unit width and also longitudinally to complete the framework. This section sits underneath the roof panels to provide additional support to help prevent roof damage and improve water drainage.

Four high level lifting points are fitted along the side sections of the roof and four low level lifting points are fitted along the side sections of the floor to allow the simple lifting of the unit by a suitable crane. The floor is fitted with continuous fork tunnels across the width of the unit to allow lifting and movement of the unit by a suitable fork truck. The four low level lifting eyes also act as lashing points to allow the product to be easily secured to the delivery vehicle whilst in transit.


18mm tongue and groove, moisture resistant, particle board is fixed to the 100mm x 50mm heavy gauge joists at 406mm centres on units up to 10’ in width and at 203mm centres on 12’ wide units using self drilling screws to form the floor deck.


The profiled finish product uses 1.6mm thick corrugated mild steel panels which are fully seam welded to each other and the unit framework to form an extremely robust and rigid wall section.

The flat finish product uses 1.6mm thick mild steel panels which are welded to each other and the unit framework to form a robust wall section.


1.6mm thick profiled self supporting roof panels are fully seam welded to each other and the framework.

Store Doors

The pioneering pre-formed steel store doors have a 2.5mm thick external steel skin, structurally designed to maximise security complete with reinforced 100mm x 50mm channel sections. The anti-jemmy protection is provided down the closing edge of the door, and is completed by a 3mm thick external cloak which houses strengthening plates and the innovative locking mechanism. Each door is fitted with three heavy duty hinges integrated into the steel corner framework and is further protected by the door internal returns which close behind the corner post. The advanced locking system is a combination of two 10mm slotted flat steel bars and a high security armoured lock. The doors pivot through 270 degrees and the retaining chains allow permanent opening during use, with heavy duty spring bolts fitted to the non active leaf when closed. The door is fitted externally with a welded steel pull handle which also operates the armoured lock

Surface Treatment

All external wall surfaces are manually scraped down to remove welding spatter and then all surfaces are degreased thoroughly. An etch primer is applied to all areas followed by the addition of a high build primer to the welded seams and other relevant parts.

The internal and external surfaces are then given one coat of high build anti corrosive compliant paint to the specified finish colour except for the corner base plates. Internal faces of doors and window shutters are also painted to match the external colour. The whole system is applied using an air assisted airless system to provide an excellent surface finish.

The standard paint finish is a single colour of your choice from the BS 4800, BS 381C or RAL colour ranges.

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